Court artist: Tom Brady 'too handsome' to draw well

  • 14/08/2015
Court artist: Tom Brady 'too handsome' to draw well

A court illustrator has apologised for her unflattering sketch of US football star Tom Brady, saying he is just too handsome to draw properly.

Jane Rosenburg's depiction of Brady during an appearance over a cheating scandal caused a social media firestorm, with people editing the drawing onto an assortment of pictures such as a scene from E.T.

"I've been a court artist for 35 years," Ms Rosenburg says. "He's a very handsome person – he's perfectly symmetrical, and when I'm working fast it's very hard for me to capture very beautiful people.

"I do better with people with more caricature faces."

Ms Rosenburg has seen the humour in the situation though, enjoying a number of the viral images.

"I really liked the Michael Jackson one," she says.

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