Extravagant wedding angers Sydney residents

Extravagant wedding angers Sydney residents

It's been dubbed the Australian wedding of the decade – a lavish, over-the-top spectacle that cost millions of dollars.

But it's also angered residents, police and the local council after the groom, using his position as Deputy Mayor, closed roads and threatened to have cars towed.

As far as weddings go, his takes the cake – an outrageous display of wealth, with helicopters, millions of dollars in cars and even a jet flyover.

The groom, Salim Mehajer, is a local property developer. His bride, Aysha, was simply overwhelmed with it all.

"I don't even have any words," she said.

But their neighbours certainly do.

"It was noisy," says one resident. "You couldn't get in and out of the street – wasn't very good at all."

Eight-hundred guests arrived in $40 million-worth of cars and walked their own red carpet.

The spectacle shut down streets, with police managing road blocks.

The problem is Mr Mehajer is also the Auburn Deputy Mayor in western Sydney. He allegedly sent flyers to local residents stating they'd have to move their cars or they'd be towed.

"It appeared to be a document that was written to intimidate people," says Auburn councillor George Campbell.

Police say they weren't consulted and never authorised closing the streets.

The whole thing has angered other councillors.

"My fear is that that reputation has been greatly damaged this weekend," says Mr Campbell.

The couple even created a pre-wedding movie, calling theirs "the story that defines love".

Auburn ratepayers are already asking why someone with a penchant for publicity and so rich is spending his days sitting on council.

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