Groom does a runner, sparking police chase

Groom does a runner, sparking police chase

An Australian groom is in trouble not just with his bride, but also police, for doing a runner after getting married. 

A judge granted the man bail so he could tie the knot, but just two days after the wedding he disappeared. 

Murat Shomshe is surely a shoe-in for worst groom of the year. A judge handed him a get-out-of-jail-free card to attend his own wedding, but his love of freedom was stronger than that for his wife. He skipped out on her before the ink had dried on their marriage certificate. 

"The bride didn't get her man, but rest assured the police will get theirs," says Police Association Victoria's Ron Iddles. 

Shomshe was in jail pending his trial for firing a gun in public, but he managed to convince a Victorian judge into granting him bail. 

"Not only was the bride jilted, but I think the judge has been jilted also," says Mr Iddles. 

Police argued against giving him bail because he was a public risk – he used a firearm in a public place. The gun was never recovered and he has skipped bail three times before.  

But his lawyer argued he'd lose a $6000 deposit on his wedding and guests from Turkey were coming to his big day. 

"You've either got to show exceptional circumstance or just cause, and getting married just doesn't fit into that," says Mr Iddles. 

His new wife is presumably just as unhappy. She put up the $10,000 bond to get him released and won't get it back. 

It had police putting a new spin on the old wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. 

"You are on borrowed time," says Mr Iddles. "We will get you and you will meet someone in a blue uniform and maybe we need a new judge." 

This afternoon they did get their man, but not a new judge. Before long he was back in court.  

No surprise, he was denied bail a second time around.  

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