Indian community rallies against 'witch doctors'

Indian community rallies against 'witch doctors'

Members of the Indian community have gathered in Auckland this afternoon to send a strong message to the Immigration Minister about cracking down on so-called "witch doctors".

This week a 3 News investigation highlighted nine practitioners, five of whom have now skipped the country.

They're here on temporary or visitor visas and claim to heal people of things like cancer or rid them of black magic.

Five years ago New Zealanders in Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington and Auckland lost money. There was an initial crackdown, but now even more witch doctors have begun arriving and hundreds of people have been duped.

Indian community leaders at today's Mount Roskill meeting penned a strong message to Immigration Minister Woodhouse. They'll ask him to look into how New Zealand's immigration policy is allowing temporary or visitor visas to be issued to bogus "priests" or witch doctors.

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