Japan determined to rid world of nukes

  • 07/08/2015

Japan is remembering the moment an atomic bomb destroyed the city of Hiroshima, 70 years ago.

Children rang a 'peace bell' to mark the exact moment the bomb was dropped in 1945, killing more than 70,000 people.

Survivor Kimie Mihara would have been one of them, but overslept on the day her workplace was destroyed.

"I survived because I was late, so I feel lucky because I was not here at the time, but when I think of those who were killed because they were diligent and on time, I'm just so sorry for them. I feel bad for them."

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan wants to see a world without nuclear weapons.

"Japan intends to renew its efforts to bring about a world without nuclear weapons, with the cooperation of both nuclear powers and the non-nuclear powers," he told the crowd.

"That resolve translates to us proposing a new draft resolution at the United Nations this autumn on nuclear disarmament.

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, three days later, are credited by some historians with ending World War II.

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