John and Monique: The height of law enforcement

  • 23/08/2015
Cairnes constables John and Monique (Photo:Facebook)
Cairnes constables John and Monique (Photo:Facebook)

The immense height difference between two Australian police officers has created a stir online.

John and Monique, constables based in Cairns, have 51cm between them. John is 206cm (6ft 9in) and Monique is 155cm (5ft 1in).


The pair does not usually work together, but both patrol the streets of Cairns, responding to emergencies and violent incidents.

Monique, a mother of two, joined the service five years ago on the Gold Coast but transferred to Cairns as a uniform first responder.

John – too tall for the Cairns police station doorways – joined the Queensland Police nine years ago but spent the first six years as a civilian communications officer in Cairns. The Queensland Police say he's not in the NBA, because "we nabbed him first".

A photo of the pair in a back-to-back stand-off appeared on the Queensland Police Service Facebook page with the caption: "Police come in all shapes and sizes… Regardless of their height difference, this dynamic duo will still be out on patrol policing the streets of Cairns and responding to violent and emergent situations on a daily basis, and that's not a tall story."

Commenter Deb Sullivan said: "I've heard of good cop, bad cop; now you have big cop, small cop."

The photo has garnered almost 60,000 likes in two days.

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