Kiwi charity launches emergency fund for Myanmar

  • 09/08/2015
Flood victims sit in a monastery used as a temporary refugee camp (Reuters)
Flood victims sit in a monastery used as a temporary refugee camp (Reuters)

An emergency fundraising appeal to help aid Myanmar after it was hit by destructive floods has been launched by a New Zealand charity.

ADC, a microfinance charity, will donate funds towards residents in the northwestern town of Kalay where local media reports 10,000 have been displaced and government aid is in short supply.

Torrential rains battered the country last month perpetuating floods in 12 out 14 of Myanmar's states. At least 88 have been killed and more than 330,000 have been affected.

ZMF Bank, ADC's local partner, says funds are needed for basic necessities such as food and medicine, and some of the bank's staff is already providing meals for around 50 people each day along with clothing packaging.

ADC's executive director Andrew Colgan says many of its clients are worst affected.

"We have seen the remarkable optimism and determination of these people to build livelihoods, but it looks like a large number have lost almost everything," he said.

ADC helps entrepreneurs living below the line in Myanmar and Malawi to build their own businesses.

Donations over $5 through ADC's Givealittle appeal are eligible for a tax rebate.

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