Subway Jared faces up to 12 years behind bars

  • 20/08/2015
Jared Fogle is led from federal court in Indianapolis, Indiana August 19, 2015 (Reuters)
Jared Fogle is led from federal court in Indianapolis, Indiana August 19, 2015 (Reuters)

Longtime former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle has agreed to plead guilty to charges that he travelled across state lines to have sex with minors, while possessing and distributing child pornography.

Fogle, who was arrested following a raid on his home in Indiana last month, has been ordered to pay 14 victims a share of US$1.4 million in restitution.

An FBI spokeswoman tells, "He is in custody. He was processed and escorted down to the courthouse this morning."

The TV regular, who is married with two kids, is expected to accept the plea deal with prosecutors in a bid to avoid a trial.

According to documents obtained by, Fogle sent texts to escorts asking them "to provide him with access to minors as young as 14 to 15 years for purposes of commercial sex acts with him" but did so only after having sex with the escorts "to ensure that they were not undercover police officers" .

Subway suspended relations with Fogle when news of the charges against him broke. Bosses have since terminated all deals with the pitchman.

He faces between five and 12 years in prison under a plea deal reached with prosecutors. Fogle will also undergo treatment for sexual disorders.

Following news of his agreed plea deal on Wednesday, Fogle's wife, Katie, filed for divorce, stating, "I am in the process of seeking a dissolution of the marriage. My focus is exclusively on the wellbeing of my children. Neither I nor my family will have any further comment on the matter."