Sydney couple get naked Irish surprise

  • 18/08/2015
The window through which the nude Irishman climbed
The window through which the nude Irishman climbed

A couple in Sydney woke in the middle of the night to find a naked 25-year-old Irishman asleep in the bed beside them.

The intruder had apparently climbed through a window they had left open for their cat.

The woman, known only as Katie, says she was terrified.

"Chris is one side, I'm in the middle, and then our stranger on the end, right in with us," she told local media.

"He might have been looking at us, thinking it's a good idea to get into bed with these guys."

After Chris managed to corner him in a courtyard, the intruder jumped back into the property through the kitchen window.

The man was then captured by police and taken to hospital for a medical check, followed by a police interview for charges related to breaking and entering.

"It was definitely a weird thing to wake up to," said Chris.

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