Video: Bambi and Thumper play in real life

  • 13/08/2015
Video: Bambi and Thumper play in real life

By 3 News online staff

They say life can imitate art, and there is perhaps no better illustration than a real life fawn playing with a rabbit in a scene reminiscent of the animated film Bambi.

The video was shot last week in the US state of Colorado, with staff at the YMCA near the Rocky Mountains claiming they'd seen the pair together before, CBS News reports.

The accommodation provider's brand manager Rachel Anderson hadn't seen the pair herself, but wasn't surprised they'd shown up.

"They're all over the place all the time and come to property and play," she says.

However, she still thought the sight was "something special".

The pair were seen frolicking, chasing each other and jumping around for around half an hour.

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