Video: Matchmaker Sabina Read - extended interview

Video: Matchmaker Sabina Read - extended interview

Sabina Read is one of the expert matchmakers on hit Australian reality TV show Married at First Sight.

She says the programme is not a dating game, but is a genuine social experiment where strangers get to simulate the experience of marriage without legally committing.

In today's world of social media or dating apps like Tinder, there are more ways than ever to date, but it seems to be getting harder for singles to form lasting relationships. Why?

Ms Read says our expectations are out of whack. We think we can swipe left and swipe right and find genuine love.

But what makes relationships last is based on things like our values and drives, the role we played as children in our families and how we bring that to adult relationships.

The question is, using psychology and neuroscience, is it possible for scientists to match us better than we might match ourselves?

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