Alleged US burglar caught after butt-dialling police

  • 07/09/2015
Alleged US burglar caught after butt-dialling police

By 3 News online staff

Sometimes when you accidentally butt-dial someone it can be a bit embarrassing, but it doesn't usually land you in prison like it did for one man in the United States.

Scott Robert Esser, 42, was indicted in court this week, after prosecutors said he accidently called 911 and allowed police to listen in to a conversation he was having about committing burglaries.

It is alleged the man from Somerset, New Jersey was having a chat with an accomplice and talked about their plans to break into homes, empty drawers, steal watches and smash a back door, reports.

Court documents show the Somerset County Communications Centre received a call on July 27 which they described as an errant, open-line emergency cellphone call "commonly referred to as a 'butt-dial'".

Dispatchers listened in to the pair talking about the burglary from an unknown location and police later traced the call back to Esser.

On July 29, detectives followed Esser in his car and stopped him after they'd come across a burglary in an area where they'd lost sight of him.

A search of the car found a number of items including jewellery, electronic devices, a firearm, burglary tools and around US$11,300 worth of US Bonds.

Esser has been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and a number of burglary and theft-related charges.

He is currently in custody in lieu of a US$100,000 cash-only bail.

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