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Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 6S (AAP)
Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 6S (AAP)

It's rather exciting watching Tim Cook in the flesh wearing a dress and lippy.

Me, that is. Not the Apple CEO.

No PJs and and bleary-eyed stabbing at the keyboard at 5am this year... Siri sent me an invite and there was no way this girl wasn't going to the party.

The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco can apparently hold more than 7000 people. This morning there are definitely a few thousand world media and tons of employees, and it's certainly an Apple fan club. Not another device in sight. Amid all the cheering and clapping that goes with these events (gotta love the Americans) there have been, in Tim Cook's, words some pretty "monster" announcements.

It was a gentle start with the Apple Watch and a bit of bragging – 97 percent customer satisfaction. Some nice new touches, but nothing major. Next up was the iPad Pro announcement. Apple is really marketing this as the essential business tool.

Then there was the long-awaited overhaul to Apple TV. Make space on the sofa please for sassy Siri, and Apple's remote just got fancy.

Then there's the new iPhone. What has changed? Well, "everything" apparently. Pre-orders open Saturday and they're available in New Zealand on September 25.

If you didn't climb out of bed early to watch the live stream, here are some need-to-knows. Note there are no New Zealand prices yet.


IPAD PRO - from $799 U.S

APPLE TV - from US$149


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