Bodies discovered in dead mortician's garage

  • 11/09/2015
(Photo: iStock)
(Photo: iStock)

A mortician's widow found out to her dismay that her late husband had been taking his work home with him after discovering bodies in their garage.

Police made the grisly discovery after the mortician's widow called for help on Wednesday night (local time).

They told the Chicago Tribune that the garage contained four bodies, a container of human organs and cremated remains.

The coroner's office is working to identify the remains.

Neighbours - who saw bodies covered in bloodstained sheets being carried out of the garage - were horrified.

"My theory is he was going to bury those people and brought them home and never got around to burying them," neighbour Superman J . Horn, 69, told the paper.

"That's bringing too much work home. He had to bury people. That was his job."

Several tombstones were also discovered on the property in the Chicago suburb of Riverdale.

Anton Godfrey died last month of a heart attack. He had run a funeral home but he closed it four years ago and began working as a contractor with several area funeral homes, the paper said.

His widow called the police after discovering the first body, her father told the Tribune.

Ernest Wallace, who lives across the alley from the home, described Godfrey as a "real neighbour."

"We talked about church all the time." Wallace said.