British Army criticised for soldier deaths

  • 15/07/2015
British Army criticised for soldier deaths

The British Army has been criticised in a coronial report into the death of three soldiers.

Corporal James Dunsby, Lance Corporal Edward Maher and Lance Corporal Craig Roberts all died after suffering heat exhaustion in July 2013, during SAS selection.

The widow of one of the men accused the army of losing sight of its own values and creating a culture that led to a 'catalogue of errors'.

After hearing that neglect paid a part in their deaths, Corporal Dunsby's widow Bryher Dunsby condemned the Ministry of Defence and the SAS.

"They displayed no responsibility, no accountability and no humility for their role in creating the culture that led to the events," she said.

Ms Dunsby said Corporal Dunsby would have been disappointed in the organisation which he loved, fought for and ultimately lost his life.

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