Buckingham Palace open to paying visitors

  • 26/07/2015

While the Queen is on holiday in Scotland, Buckingham Palace will be open to paying visitors.

For the first time, they'll be able to enter through the Grand Entrance, following in the footsteps of world leaders and dignitaries of the past.

Buckingham Palace is more than a tourist attraction and a backdrop for royal photo opportunities; it's a central venue for the ceremony at the heart of Britain's monarchy.

Curator of the Royal Collection Trust, Anna Reynolds says more than 62,000 people are invited to Buckingham Palace each year by the Queen or other members of the royal family for events ranging from a state banquet for heads of state and their guests to a garden party or for an investiture.

A $250 million renovation is now being proposed to fix a number of things in the palace to keep it in tip-top shape.

Watch the video for the full CBS report.