Dwarf lap dances leaves Brazil cops in trouble

  • 10/09/2015

Brazilian anti-narcotics cops are in hot water after footage emerged of a nearly naked dwarf lap dancing at a party attended by officers at the police station.

O Dia newspaper published cellphone footage and still photos of staff from anti-drugs unit Denarc in Sao Paulo apparently swigging beer, dancing to live Brazilian music, and enjoying a sensual dance by a male dwarf who strips to his underpants.

Sao Paulo state's governor was quoted on Wednesday as saying that an investigation had been opened.

"You can party, but not in a public premises," Governor Geraldo Alckmin said.

State security chief Alexandre de Moraes said the incident showed "extremely bad taste".

Brazilians on the other side of the justice system - where criminal gangs often control the interior of prisons - are famous for holding their own eye-catching parties.

In the latest episode, photos were leaked earlier this month of inmates at the Agricola de Monte Cristo penitentiary in northern Brazil apparently splashing around in a homemade swimming pool.

"They show off," a police officer told O Globo newspaper.

"They don't pay attention to us. We already tried to empty this water tank, but the prisoners wouldn't let us."