Elderly couple reunited at airport speak out

  • 10/09/2015
(Photo: supplied)
(Photo: supplied)

An elderly couple at the centre of a video which melted hearts around the world have spoken out about their relationship and the global attention they have gained.

Bernie Mills, 80, was spotted standing in the arrivals hall of Los Angeles International Airport with a bouquet of flowers for his wife Carol, 75, from whom he had been separated for two weeks, the Daily Mail reported. Mr Mills says he was ecstatic to be reunited with her.

The video shows the moments the pair was reunited, and has gone viral since it was originally posted on YouTube, gathering more than 60 million collective views across various social media platforms.

That attention is a foreign concept to Mr Mills who says he wasn’t even sure what the term 'viral' meant when his daughter first told him about the video.

A caption accompanying the original video reads: "This shows the epitome of love. My heart melted and it showed me that this kind of love exists. Hopefully these two lovely people who are in the video can see this".

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Mills married Carol in 2010 after they had both lost their previous spouses of 50 years. The pair had met online after deciding it was time to give love another shot.

Mr Mills says the separation was the longest they had been apart, and he couldn’t wait to embrace his wife again.

"I was so excited to see her coming through that door. I was like, 'Oh boy! I got my baby back again'."

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