Govt considers upping refugee quota

Govt considers upping refugee quota

Warning: The video contains graphic images some might find disturbing.

The Syrian crisis has worsened again, with an image of a drowned three-year-old boy shocking the world.

Prime Minister John Key has backed down on his refusal to boost refugee numbers in New Zealand to help out.

"I watch the TV screens like everybody else, and I can certainly feel great sympathy for the people there," he says.

The National Government has consistently refused to increase New Zealand's refugee quota, even to help the crisis now sweeping into Europe.

But today, as the image of a drowned toddler shocked the world, that all changed.

"The Government is constantly looking at all the options available to us. We're not ruling out doing more across a range of areas, but we need to take advice," says Mr Key.

Out of 4 million Syrian refugees, New Zealand has taken just 121 – 33 of which were asylum seekers, and five under family reunification.

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