Janice Dickinson collapses in Big Brother house

  • 03/09/2015
Janice Dickinson (AAP)
Janice Dickinson (AAP)

Veteran supermodel Janice Dickinson has been hospitalised after reportedly suffering a seizure while filming UK reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

The former catwalk star collapsed during a 'diary room' segment of the show while she was addressing producers asking to be brought medicine to treat an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

She appeared to suffer a fit while being tended to by a paramedic and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Dickinson, 60, spent three hours under the care of doctors before later returning to the Big Brother house.

A spokesperson for the TV show says, "Janice left the house briefly for medical attention and returned to the house shortly afterwards."

The star's medical emergency was broadcast in Tuesday night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother.