Kiwi builders make bomb discovery

Kiwi builders make bomb discovery

A couple of Kiwi builders in London have been dealing with some unusual and highly dangerous conditions this week.

While digging in a basement they came across a World War II air raid shelter and an unexploded bomb.

The 250kg bomb was most likely dropped by the Germans during the blitz on London in 1940 and 1941.

It's been buried in a basement in Bethnal Green, east London, ever since, until it was discovered by Shane Butterick, a Kiwi builder originally from Christchurch.

The bomb lay 400mm under the floor as the police and Army swooped in and evacuated 700 people from neighbouring homes so they could take it away and defuse it in a field outside of London.

The Ministry of Defence says unexploded bombs are potentially more dangerous when disturbed now than when they were made.

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