London in awe of All Blacks

London in awe of All Blacks

Nearly two weeks after the All Blacks arrival in London the crowd turning up at signings has changed somewhat.

Where it used to just be Kiwi expats, now it's supporters from all over the world.

And they're getting nothing short of the royal treatment.

In the business hub of Canary Wharf, it seems some people skipped work to see the All Blacks.

The youngest fans were the most awed, with even a young Italian fan bowing to Ma'a Nonu.

"Ma'a does have that effect on people," says Conrad Smith. "For me it hasn't happened very often but I've seen a lot of people bow to Ma'a."

One of the questions that always comes up when the All Blacks do sessions is about the haka, and one of the first questions asked today is what is with the new V-formation.

"[It] just brings us all together, makes everyone a bit more comfy about where they're meant to be as well," says Aaron Smith. "Sometimes you get guys that don't want to be stuck at the front. I can't go into too much depth about what the meaning is but it's cool for us."

What Aaron was happier to reveal were his thoughts on the team's haircuts, and as a trained hairdresser he's qualified to do so.

"The boys like to keep it pretty fresh. Ma'a is good. Sonny's always got a good lid. Mine's pretty short because I'm going grey – thanks Mum. Then when we got our humble lawyer, he's just keeping it real."

There's real support for the team now too. All Black shirts sold out at the flagship store on London's Oxford St.

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