Penguins aren't the romantics we thought they were

  • 22/09/2015
Penguins aren't the romantics we thought they were

It seems penguins aren't quite the romantic creatures we once thought they were.

More than a million Magellan penguins are expected to converge on a peninsula in Argentina for breeding season.

Researchers were surprised to discover the birds aren't as faithful as once thought.

Many childhood perceptions could now be dashed, after long believing penguins found their soul mate and stuck together for life.

Jeffrey Smith, Conservation Biologist at the University of Washington says the Magellanic penguince could actually switch partners up to once every single year.

Mr Smith has been studying the colony's breeding habits for more than two decades, watching the birds wander the shoreline and searching for a mate.

The ritual brings in around 150,000 visitors each year.

Magellan penguins are traditionally faithful to their colony, nest and beaches – but that faithfulness doesn't seem to extend to lifelong partners.

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