Poll shows Aussies behind Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull (Reuters)
Malcolm Turnbull (Reuters)

The trans-Tasman relationship probably wasn't high on the list of things occupying Malcolm Turnbull's mind on his first full day in the country's top job today.

Instead, he's been focused on a Cabinet reshuffle and savouring a surprisingly big boost in the polls.

The bump in the polls made it a good morning for the new Prime Minister, who hasn't wasted any time in the new job, declaring there would be a referendum on gay marriage after the next election.

"If we are re-elected to government, every single Australian will have a say," Mr Turnbull says.

He is considered socially progressive, someone whose views appeal to left-leaning voters.

And that's been reflected in the latest poll. It was always thought he'd get a boost, but with 70 percent naming him their preferred Prime Minister, it's overwhelming.

To put it in perspective, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was sitting at just over 30 percent before he was ousted.

It means Opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten has a fight on his hands.

"Malcolm Turnbull has said that the problem is only in the style, not the substance; this country needs no more showmen," says Mr Shorten.

Mr Turnbull's honeymoon might not last long though; he's already indicated he'll put his own opinions on immigration and climate change to one side for the sake of party unity, keeping the downgraded target to reduce emissions by 26 percent by 2030.

"They are very substantial cuts," he says, though the Opposition disagrees.

"Malcolm Turnbull has sold out all the things that he always said were very important to him," says Mr Shorten.

Mr Turnbull will also reshuffle his Cabinet, with more women tipped for top positions.

"There is no greater enthusiast than me to see more women in positions of power and influence in Parliament," he says.

It's now a matter of time to see if he can maintain his new-found popularity.

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