Supersonic race car hopes to break world record

  • 25/09/2015
Supersonic race car hopes to break world record

It's described as "an extraordinary piece of extreme technology" and it can cover a mile in 3.6 seconds.

It's the world's most powerful racing car and it's been revealed publicly for the first time.

A British team is attempting to smash the land speed record and race the rocket-car at speeds in excess of 1600km/h – breaking the 1600 kilometres an hour mark.

The record is currently set at 1227km/h and has been held by Andy Green since 1997.

Mr Green will be attempting to break his own record as he gets behind the wheel once again and there are hopes the car can set a new record.

More than 8000 people are expected to see the supersonic invention over the coming days.

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