Teen who knocked out bully punished by school

  • 26/09/2015
Teen who knocked out bully punished by school

A California teenager who came to the aid of a blind classmate by knocking out his bully has been kicked off the football team for violating his school's violence policy.

A video of the incident, which has accumulated more than 480,000 views in two days, was filmed by a bystander and shows the high school junior delivering a single blow to save his friend from further punches to the head.

The heroic teen then checks on his visually impaired friend before towering over the bully, who is sprawled on the ground, and interrogating him as to why he was trying to "jump a f***ing blind kid".

Following the attack, the Daily Mail reports the bully was arrested by police on suspicion of misdemeanour battery and was then released to his parents.

Both the bully and his victim are renowned for having a turbulent relationship, and his attack on the visually impaired victim occurred after he has simply walked past.

Since the intervention, the heroic teen has received praise on social media for stepping in to save his classmate, but his school has not taken the same approach.

According to a zero-tolerance violence policy at the school, the boy has been given the boot from his football team.

An online petition is underway to reinstate the boy, reeling in more than 1000 responses in a few days, but there has been no reported change of heart from the school, which says it has "a very strong anti-bullying code of conduct and will not condone this type of behaviour from any student", the Daily Mail reports.

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