Trend Micro tech: Drones

  • 24/09/2015
Trend Micro tech: Drones

Christmas is on the way and what's the top tech gadget sure to feature on the wishlist?  For many, it's drones.

"At the heart of it, you need a drone if you don't have a girlfriend," says tech test pilot Vaughn Davis.

If you are going to buy a drone, Mr Davis says you should be prepared to splash out for a decent one.

"Your $50 drone is going to last to lunchtime. You’d be better to get the money and throw it in the air and see if it hovers; $150 to $500 gets you something that might float around for a little while, it might have a camera."

The costs can go up to $5000 – “and this is just the recreational ones, before you get into the professional drones."

Mr Davis sums up the rules for drones as: "don't be a creep and don't be dangerous".

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