Unfolding hostage situation in West Australia

  • 17/07/2015

A man believed to be armed with explosives in the Australian city of Bunbury has freed his hostage after nearly 13 hours.

The victim was released around 6:40am (local time) and is being spoken to by police.

Police were called to Koombana Bay just after 6:20pm and spent the night negotiating with the man to give himself up and release the hostage.

They are continuing to talk to the offender over a megaphone and heavily armed officers remain at the scene.

The man has a handwritten sign demanding a Crime and Corruption Commission report be released.

The man, who hostage negotiators are referring to as David, shouted demands at police which were refused.

Western Australia Police Commander Alf Fordham said the offender was a 52-year-old man with no relation to the man he took hostage.

Police confirmed they are aware of the identity of the man at the centre of the drama but have not publicly released that information, The Guardian reports.

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