US police nab suspect in highway shootings

  • 19/09/2015
US police nab suspect in highway shootings

Police in the southwestern US state of Arizona say they have caught a suspect in a spate of shootings targeting motorists on a busy freeway.

"We got him!" read a tweet from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

A SWAT team from the Department of Public Safety "is in custody of the individual suspected of I-10 shootings. Apprehended moments ago".

At least 11 shootings have taken place on or near Interstate 10 in Arizona since August 29, including a semi-trailer being struck in the side by a bullet, police said.

The only injury has been a teenage girl who was cut by flying glass when the window of the car she was travelling in was shattered by a bullet.

Colonel Frank Milstead, head of the Arizona DPS, said the shootings amount to "domestic terrorism" and a reward of US$20,000 was being offered for information leading to an arrest.

In the first shootings, two cars and an empty tour bus were struck by bullets in separate incidents.