Video: Curious bear shepherded out of kitchen

  • 02/09/2015
Video: Curious bear shepherded out of kitchen

By 3 News online staff

It's more like something you'd do to a curious and mischievous dog, but a US man had to shoo a bear from his kitchen counter after it went sniffing for a treat.

Volunteer Joel Rosenthal from Point of View Farm wildlife sanctuary in West Virginia filmed the video as he shepherded the bear, named Rose, out of the house.

As the sheepish-looking bear left the property through a sliding door, Mr Rosenthal said "I'll feed you in a little while" as he shut the door behind her.

He posted a photo of the bear's wet footprints on the front steps of the house, saying the bear seems to come knocking "to alert me that she wants a snack".

"As usual she came in because I had the doors open. But we have this ritual. She comes in and goes to the bag of dog food. I realise she is in and usher her out despite her attempts to put up a fuss."

After the ritual, Mr Rosenthal says he gets some apples and walks with her to her nearby enclosure where she "chows down".

A week-long bear hunting season in West Virginia begins later this month, and Mr Rosenthal says if Rose is around she'll be locked in her enclosure during that time.

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