Video: Kiwi in Munich greets arriving refugees

  • 06/09/2015
Video: Kiwi in Munich greets arriving refugees

A Kiwi man living in Munich has posted an emotional video of Syrian refugees arriving at the city's train station to be greeted with cheers of welcome, saying he had witnessed history in the making and "immense" compassion.

Scott Hebden was adopted by New Zealand parents after his parents were killed in the Vietnam War in the mid-1970s.

Now living in Germany, Mr Hebden said the arrival of the refugees brought the reality of Syria's war home to him.

"Today I witnessed history in the making as never ever seen since WWII," he wrote. "The compassion they received by Germans were immense...And as a Expat-Kiwi I was so proud at what I saw.

"These are not quotas. They are human lives."

In his clip, children are applauded and given small presents, such as soft toys and chocolate eggs, by compassionate members of the public.

Germany has opened its doors to process asylum seekers into Europe, with other countries now pledging more help as the crisis reaches a tipping point.

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