Big burrito challenge brings big rewards

The Grand Chingon Challenge (Instagram/ brooklyngersh)
The Grand Chingon Challenge (Instagram/ brooklyngersh)

Some may not have the stomach for the cut-throat world of business ownership, but that is literally what you need to own part of a New York restaurant which has issued a Goliath eating challenge.

New Mexican restaurant Don Chignon is offering 10 percent of the taqueria for anyone who can finish a 13kg burrito and a ghost pepper margarita in one hour and in one sitting, the New York Daily reports.

It seems like the easiest way to get a slice of the competitive New York eatery scene, but it is more difficult than it looks.

The behemoth burrito is packed with steak, chicken, pork, rice, beans and salsa.

It costs US$150 and you're disqualified if you have to go to the bathroom or throw up.

But big challenges come with big rewards.

"If you are going to eat a massive amount of food in a single sitting, you deserve real compensation," owner Victor Robey says.

"Some restaurants will put your name on the wall. We'll give you the wall."

The restaurant says it takes no responsibility for "death or illness" which could occur as a result of the massive meal.

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