Hajj stampede death toll continues to rise

  • 24/09/2015

At least 310 people are dead and 450 injured in a stampede of pilgrims at the annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Thursday's (local time) crush happened in Mina, a large valley about five kilometres from the holy city of Mecca.

The Saudi civil defence directorate released photos on its Twitter account showing rescue workers in orange and yellow vests helping the wounded onto stretchers and loading them onto ambulances near some of the white tents.

Some two million people are taking part in this year's Hajj pilgrimage, which began on Tuesday.

The stampede was the deadliest disaster at the Hajj since 2006, when more than 360 pilgrims were killed in a stampede in the same area.

Mina is where pilgrims carry out a symbolic stoning of the devil by throwing pebbles against three stone walls.

Preparations for this year's Hajj were marred when on September 11 a construction crane collapsed at Mecca's Grand Mosque, Islam's holiest site, killing 109 people.