Gold Coast police scour bush for Kiwi Linda Sidon's remains

Gold Coast police scour bush for Kiwi Linda Sidon's remains

A New Zealand man accused of murdering his mother on the Gold Coast has taken detectives to the site where she was allegedly buried.

The shock development comes a week after Daniel Heazlewood was charged with murdering his mother, Linda Sidon, six years ago.

Heazlewood, 28, took police to the secluded spot in bushland 50 metres from the nearest road.

"We are relying on his memory of what occurred," says Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchison.

Heazlewood told detectives he buried his mother in a shallow grave but couldn't remember exactly where.

Police are focusing on three sites, all within a few metres of each other.

"There is water here now that wasn't six years ago, but the information we have is the remains are this side of the water," says Det Supt Hutchison.

Police searched the same area eight weeks ago but found nothing. Last week they charged Heazlewood with murder.

"He's bearing up reasonably well considering the circumstances," says barrister Chris Rosser.

Heazlewood spent a week in a local police station before deciding to talk to police.

Detectives won't say whether that interview will affect his charges.

"We're in the process of making a submission to have the charge of murder withdrawn," says Mr Rosser.

Ms Sidon disappeared more than six years ago. It took 18 months for her father in New Zealand to report her missing. He died never knowing what happened to his daughter.

Ms Sidon moved to Australia in the 1980s. Her two sisters are still waiting for answers.

"The family has been notified and they're waiting to see what the result of this search is," says Mr Rosser.

Police say they'll continue searching for as long as it takes.

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