Handmade goods to be sold on Amazon

  • 09/10/2015
STUTTGART - SEPTEMBER 23: Woman receiving a parcel by Amazon.com delivered by the mailman in front of her flat on September  23, 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany. Amazon.com is delivering thousands of parcels every day to German households.

Online retail colossus Amazon has opened a shop showcasing handmade goods sold directly by artisans.

Handmade at Amazon came as a challenge to New York City-based Etsy, an e-commerce website devoted to personally crafted and vintage items.

All items in the store, launched at amazon.com/handmade, must be "factory-free" and made by hand, according to the Seattle-based firm.

"We have designed a custom shopping experience for customers looking for handmade items by bringing together many of the best artisans in the world, and they're adding thousands of items daily," Amazon marketplace vice president Peter Faricy said in a release on Thursday.

"Knowing an item has a unique story behind it creates a personal experience that customers have told us makes owning handmade items special."

The virutal store opened with more than 80,000 items, according to Amazon.

Categories include jewellery, art, furniture, and home decor, with each product page showing the location of the artisan and linking to their personal profile.