Kiwi detainee to Key: 'Help us'

  • 16/10/2015
Kiwi detainee to Key: 'Help us'

A Kiwi locked inside Australia's Christmas Island detention centre has made a heartfelt plea to John Key to save him.

3 News has decided not to name him to protect his safety.

The man was taken to a holding cell in the middle of the night during a raid by guards with full combat gear on.

He says he's there with 43 other Kiwis, and has a message for the Prime Minister

"Help us John Key. We should fall under the Anzacs, we shouldn't be in the detention centres. Detention centres aren't made for Kiwis."

He says all the Kiwis are suffering from mental health problems after months in detention.

"We're fighting depression a lot – all of us, every day, because they've taken us from the mainland and from our families. We can't support our families."

The detainee described the conditions as "s***, to be polite".

"It's like jail, mate. They've got us on lockdown, they don't feed us enough – just pretty much like a jail now, this place."

He says he's paid his taxes and worked hard in Australia and isn't a career criminal.

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