Last gun store in San Francisco closing doors

  • 02/10/2015
Last gun store in San Francisco closing doors

Even before today's deadly mass shooting in Oregon, San Francisco's last gun store was getting ready to close its doors.

Gun makers say the city's strict, new gun laws violate the rights of Americans, but the city says it's trying to protect its people.

The modest storefront doesn't do justice to the iconic status of high bridge arms. 

As the last gun shop in the area it does as brisk a business in souvenir shirts as it does in firearms.

General Manager Steven Alcairo says the store is being pushed out of business by a proposed city law that would require every gun sale to be videotaped.

Gun buyers already have to fill out a detailed form, go through a background check and a waiting period.  But sending a videotape of the purchase to local police strikes Mr Alcairo as one regulation too many.

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