NZ woman takes legal action against Dutton

NZ woman takes legal action against Dutton

A New Zealand woman held in the Darwin detention centre is taking legal action against the Australian Immigration Minister after he spoke publicly, and incorrectly, about her case.

Angela Russell is furious the only official response she has had since being detained was when the Immigration Minister talked about her on a radio show.

Russell has spent six months in a detention centre, but she says worse than that is being insulted by the Australian Immigration Minister.

"I don't know anyone who could ever do that, especially someone that's looking at my case and my future and the chance for me to reunite back with my children," says Russell.

She is talking about Peter Dutton. He has refused interviews with 3 News for the past two months.

Russell arrived as a three-year-old in 1978 and has two Australian children. But the minister claims "Ms Russell arrived in Australia from 2002 and this is publicly available".

It was also claimed during the interview she had lost custody of her son and her daughter moved away.

"I just find it very unprofessional from the minister and very hurtful that he's making false allegations about myself, and my life and my children," says Russell.

3 News spoke with her daughter last month. She lives at the family home and just wants her mum back.

"I don't know what's happening so it's like I can't do anything. I feel trapped, like I can't even see Mum because it's just so far away and I'm going to cry now," says Breanna Cuthbertson.

Russell's lawyer is shocked the man who will ultimately make the decision whether she stays or goes commented publicly and got it wrong.

"Inaccurate facts were put on the public record, which was also entirely inappropriate in the circumstances," says Lawyer Lyma Nugen.

When it comes to those locked up indefinitely in Australian detention centres, it seems the facts can be twisted depending on which side of the ditch you're on.

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