Spectre premieres in London

Daniel Craig arrives at the Spectre World premiere, at the Royal Albert Hall, London (AAP)
Daniel Craig arrives at the Spectre World premiere, at the Royal Albert Hall, London (AAP)

His name is Bond, and he is back. Spectre, the 24th James Bond film, has just premiered at London's Royal Albert Hall, and all the stars were out.

"We were incredibly fortunate to get Lea [Seydoux] in the film to play the part, and thankfully we had a part to give her, which was the most important bit," says Daniel Craig.

In-demand Palme d'Or-winning French actress Seydoux was more than happy to be inducted into the Bond girl hall of fame, although she is still getting used to the idea.

"When I watched the film three days ago my heart exploded," she says. "I couldn't believe I was in the film. It's so exciting. I still don't believe it.

"I think it's the character of James Bond – the locations, the beautiful women. He's very smart and very witty. He has this British sense of humour."

Of course Bond is not a one Bond girl kind of man, and also falling for his charms is beautiful Italian actress Monica Bellucci.

Craig was lucky to have her, as she'd been approached for earlier Bond films.

"Yes a long time ago – I was too young at the time," says Bellucci. "I think it's a special thing to be in this Bond, to work with Daniel and [singer Sam Smith] and this amazing cast."

Bond always gets his share of the action, and not just with the women. In this latest Bond in particular, action is everything.

Craig says his favourite action sequence of his Bond career is the opening of this movie.

"That's just because of the way it came together," says Craig. "It was incredibly ambitious, and you're never quite sure it's going to work, having so many extras, using a helicopter the way we did – the fact we could collapse a building, just little things like that."

He says he's unsure if he'll return for another 007 movie.

"I genuinely don't know. I'm not thinking about it and thankfully no one is pressuring me."

So who knows whether Spectre will be Craig's last Bond, but one thing's for sure – Bond isn't going anywhere.

Skyfall took well over $1 billion at the global box office, and Spectre could well follow in those footsteps.

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