Suitcase discovered near suspected MH370 wreckage

  • 30/07/2015
The damaged suitcase (Linfore/Twitter)
The damaged suitcase (Linfore/Twitter)

A mangled suitcase has washed up on Reunion Island, close to where a two-metre long piece of plane debris was discovered earlier today.

The plane debris is speculated to be the flaperon from a Boeing 777, the same aircraft as the missing MH370 flight from March last year.

Experts are currently analysing the debris to see if it belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

It is not yet known whether the suitcase is linked to the wing piece located earlier.

Malaysian experts are "almost certain" that the wreckage discovered in from a Boeing 777, Reuters reports.

There have been four serious accidents involving 777s since the jet first came into service. MH370 is the only one thought to have crashed in the southern hemisphere, where the debris was located. 

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