Tiny wheelchair for a tiny kitten


Two Canadian students have helped a little disabled kitten to walk again by designing and printing a 3D wheelchair.

Tiny Cassidy, a feral kitten, lost his hind legs shortly after birth. He was rescued as part of a trapping and neutering program by Tiny Kittens Rescue to help lower the feral cat population, the Daily Mail reports.

By the time he was rescued, Cassidy was fighting infections in both of his stumps and was on the edge of starving to death.

Josh Messmer and Isaiah Walker from Walnut Grove Secondary School in Canada stepped in to help make the kitten a wheelchair.

They modelled the chair and printed it with a 3D printer.

Isaiah said it took some trial and error before getting the right design, and the wheelchair will be continually modified as Cassidy grows.

Shelley Roche from Tiny Kittens Rescue, the organisation that first helped Cassidy, says the freedom of movement has made the kitten much happier in life.

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