Video: American Airlines passengers boo staff on flight

Video: American Airlines passengers boo staff on flight

Video has emerged of passengers on board a domestic American Airlines flight booing staff as they kicked a crying woman off the plane.

In the video posted to YouTube by Bill Byrne, the woman can be heard pleading with staff to let her stay on the plane.

Earlier she had been asked by a flight attendant to move from the aisle so people could get past, but she says she did not hear the request.

According to Mr Byrne, the flight attendant yelled at the woman to move, and she apologised. But after she complained to another staff member the attendant was rude to her, she was asked to leave the plane.

Other passengers voiced their outrage at the incident, stating they would never fly with the airline again.

They can be heard booing staff as the woman is escorted off the plane.

American Airlines is investigating the incident.

Watch the video from Bill Byrne.