Video: Daisy the dog takes the wheel

Video: Daisy the dog takes the wheel

It's not quite Driving Miss Daisy, but rather Daisy the dog driving her 14-month-old mate in a toy car.

California mum Jessica Wolf filmed the six-year-old Maltese Chihuahua steering the remote-controlled red open top convertible as her son Oliver rode shotgun.

She says she controlled the car's acceleration and braking because neither of the pair can reach the pedals, but Daisy did the rest of the work.

The car can be operated via the steering wheel or the remote control.

Daisy looks like she's been moonlighting as a driver, seemingly comfortable behind the wheel.

Cruising around the shared driveway of the family's Lake Forest home, the video shows the inseparable pair swerving around the tarmac. Oliver at one point pats Daisy as a sign of approval.

A cat is also seen in the background of the video trying on several occasions to get out of the car's way.

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