Video: Kurdish, US troops free IS-held hostages

  • 26/10/2015
Video: Kurdish, US troops free IS-held hostages

Warning: This video contains content that some viewers may find distressing.

Video has been released showing US and Kurdish forces rescuing dozens of hostages held by Islamic State (IS).

One US soldier was killed and four Kurds were injured during the attack on a prison compound in northern Iraq.

In the video, captured by a helmet camera, dazed and terrified prisoners bolt from their jail before dawn on Thursday (local time), helped along by Kurdish Special Forces.

Constant gunfire can be heard in the background as Kurds and American Special Forces battle IS fighters, whose ferocious initial resistance killed Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler.

There's a glimpse of a huge IS flag and the jail cells built inside the house of a tribal leader.

When the prisoners first came out – 69 in all – they were patted down by Kurds, but American backup can be heard.

They are not the prisoners the raid was designed to rescue. The Kurds hoped to find 20 of their own fighters who were captured and paraded by IS back in February.

As soon as the raid was over, an aircraft flew over the compound and destroyed it with a bomb.

On top of the 69 prisoners, the raid also netted six live IS fighters – valuable sources of information for both Kurds and Americans as they build up a more complete picture of the group's structure and how it operates.

CBS News