Artist makes nativity scene from cheese

The nativity scene made from cheese (Youtube)
The nativity scene made from cheese (Youtube)

Christmas for many is a gouda time as any, so it feels only ripe to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus by giving one another gifts and eating too much food.

Even though we're usually melting away during New Zealand's summertime Christmas, an English woman has found that the milder northern climate is an advantage for an unusual hobby she has.

And while it may be un-holey to take the Lord's name in (blue) vein, British woman Prudence Staite is grate-ful for  having a heap of cheese this Christmas season, enough so she was able to create a nativity scene entirely from the dairy delight.

Ms Staite caerphilly sculpted her scene of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men over five days and using 40 kilograms of cheddar.

Watch the video.