Bulldog skateboards into history books


Otto the bulldog is clearly not an old dog: he's learnt a new trick - skateboarding. In fact, Otto is so good at skateboarding he now has a world record to his name.

In honour of Guinness World Records Day, the three-year-old pooch glided unassisted through the legs of 30 humans, all facing the same direction with their feet apart.

He is the first and only dog to achieve this feat.

Otto's owners Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards, who live in Lima, Peru, adopted the pup after they became inspired watching videos of another famous skating bulldog – Like Tillman.

Like, who passed away earlier this year, shot to fame in 2009 when he broke the world record for the fastest 100 metres on a skateboard by a dog.

Ms Viale first thought Otto was capable of breaking a world record when she saw him skateboarding toward her at pace, and was forced to open her legs to let him glide between.

Understandably, both Ms Viale and Mr Rickard's told the Guinness Book of Records they are very proud with what their dog has achieved.

Watch the video.