Charlie Sheen allegedly hid diagnosis from partners

Charlie Sheen (Reuters)
Charlie Sheen (Reuters)

Charlie Sheen has been named as the high-profile Hollywood actor suffering from the potentially deadly HIV virus.

Rumours have been circling around the notorious womaniser after media reports last week.

It's understood police in the United States will now investigate allegations he hid his diagnosis from partners.

Confirmation of Sheen's infection came in an article by tabloid National Enquirer, and followed an 18-month investigation.

"There are very serious ramifications for Charlie Sheen because we now know that he had been sleeping with women in Hollywood and not disclosing his condition," says Lachlan Cartwright, part of the team that revealed the scandal. "That is a crime in California. Police sources say they will now investigate this."

Mr Cartwright says at least four women have claimed Sheen exposed them to the virus.

"We put people under polygraph tests. We verified their stories looking at their movements, their text messages. We've seen messages that Charlie had sent different women, and we know that a number of these women were paid off. We've seen contracts to support that."

The sex-crazed actor has boasted of sleeping with more than 5000 women – a reputation not far from his once-successful character on Two and a Half Men.

Sheen's ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, also claims he "potentially" infected her with HIV.

Confirmation is yet to come straight from the source itself, but it's thought that's not far off.

"We learnt that Charlie Sheen is going to go on the Today show tomorrow in a sit-down interview," says Mr Cartwright. "He is going to confirm what we've been reporting on."

They are revelations that could see Sheen's countless former lovers lose out.

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