Fijian team praised for selfless in-flight act

Fijian team praised for selfless in-flight act

The Fijian national rugby team are being praised for their selflessness, after they jumped to the aid of a critically ill patient aboard a flight they were on.

According to the New Zealand Herald, while the team's doctor and coach bolted to the aid of the sick woman, the rest of the team got up and helped the flight attendants serve meals to the other passengers.

The team then followed up the gesture by clearing the plates and carrying around rubbish bags.

Another passenger, Ryan Fee, who witnessed the kindness, told the NZ Herald the flight attendants on the Virgin Australia flight appeared flustered during the event, and so the Fijian team did what they could to help out.

According Mr Fee, one of the "big teddy bears" even held an oxygen mask to the lady's face for more than an hour.

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