French Kiwis show support for victims back home

French Kiwis show support for victims back home

New Zealand has marked the attacks in Paris with a candlelit vigil and landmarks lit up in blue, white and red.

For the French in New Zealand the attacks are no less horrifying just because they're a long way away.

Morgane Merien was working as usual at Auckland's La Cigale French market this morning, but her thoughts were with those in Paris.

"You feel very removed, but at the same time we are French at the end of the day, so we do feel it quite strongly."

One of Elizabeth Lind's French employees at the market has only been in New Zealand for a month.

"When we've arrived this morning she's explained that she's lost a friend and another friend is seriously ill in hospital, so we're really feeling for everyone there today."

There are estimated to be 10,000 French people living in New Zealand.

Last night, mourners gathered in Auckland's Aotea Square, lighting candles for those who lost their lives.

The Sky Tower lit up in the colours of the French flag, as did the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Ms Merien says she's grateful for the support but wants people to remember this isn't just happening in Paris.

"We need not to forget about Lebanon and all those other countries that are going through the same thing. Obviously people  feel it with Paris because it's such a sign of liberty and equality."

But increasingly it's a sign of fear and uncertainty.

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