Has John Key really been protecting Kiwis?

Has John Key really been protecting Kiwis?

Some of the New Zealanders in Australia's detention centres and prisons are in there for minor criminal offences like shoplifting, but others have convictions ranging all the way to murder and rape.

Mr Key says he's trying to protect New Zealanders from them and he is making no apology for that.

But just how has the Government been protecting Kiwis? Since the deportations began in December last year there have been:

585 Kiwi criminals are awaiting deportation but 167 are already here.

Mr Key admits he doesn’t know if murderers and rapists are among those back here.

"I don't know precisely, we might be able to get that information, but if they do, they are covered under the public protection orders or the extended supervision orders."

3News checked, and there are no public protection orders at all. There are no extended supervision orders either.

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